Managing Workload Via Task Management Mobile Apps

Task management is an essential management concept which we are not usually taught at school. We learn to manage the work ourselves as we enter the practical work life. This is a key to a successful career.

Almost everyone who is hired is good at what they do (and that’s the reason why they’re hired), but what sets you apart from others is how effectively you manage your work. If you plan your day and schedule your work properly, you can accomplish more things in lesser time. This can be done more easily using a task management tool.

A to-do list is one of the simplest and most popular task management tools. It is a list of tasks and activities that one is supposed to deal with in a given period of time. In other words, it’s a work plan that has been documented. It not only helps you in reminding what you have to do, but also, when and how you are to do it. Initially this list was created using a pencil and piece of paper but now, as the technology has advanced, people prefer to have a computerized to-do list.

The best task manager is one that is handy and mobile. The helpfulness of desktop based to-do list is somewhat limited. Although you can access it from different locations as they are synchronized with the email but in order to log in to your mail, you need a computer and an internet connection. This is where mobile task managers come in. They are user-friendly and can be carried around all the time. They are in your pocket wherever you go and work as a reminder, making it almost impossible for you to forget any important activity. This way, incorporation of a mobile task manager in your daily routine smoothens the flow of work and helps you stay organized.

Several smartphone applications are being developed that work as mobile task manager. You Can Do It is one such app designed by Social Jitney Inc., exclusively for iPhone users. It allows user to perform all necessary task management functions very systematically. They can create a list of their daily, weekly and monthly activities in this app and form an organized work plan. Priority can be assigned to those activities and deadlines can also be set. And as it is a mobile task manager, one can create, edit, update, postpone or end the task at any instant.

It is an easy-to-use design that can be used by everyone; from professional workers to students. And apart from the usual features one can share their listed activities and accomplished tasks with friends and colleagues on Facebook via this app.

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