How To Help Your Customers Avoid Buyers Remorse With Social Media

Is it possible that small businesses are not getting the message about social media and the potential exposure that can be generated for a product or service?

On a daily basis I am asked by small business people why would they consider using social media; how could Facebook possibly be useful to their business; and what benefit could social media possibly provide for a business.

There are many reasons and here, for the benefit of small and home based business owners, I will share one method, to help you understand the reasons you should consider using social media, particularly Facebook, as part of business strategies.

Do You Have Customers?

If you have existing customers, it is possible a high percentage of them experience buyers remorse after making a purchase from your business.

Research reveals a high percentage of consumers experience varying shades of regret, uncertainty or disappointment after spending money. Generally, the greater the price, the higher the emotions.

Buyers remorse occurs as the feeling of excitement surrounding a purchase fades and the consumer begins to reflect on the product/service, the price, and/or the time of purchase.

The emotions experienced by the consumer, post purchase, may be explained as anxiety or worry that the product won’t meet their expectations, they paid too much for the product or service and could have found a better deal, or the transaction or people who made the sale were lacking in integrity and will not be around to support their purchase.

As a business owner, you can convert your customers to loyal, happy and satisfied consumers by eliminating, or reducing, the feelings of buyers remorse. In doing so you minimize the negative emotions surrounding a purchase and leave the consumer, your customer, with only positive thoughts and feelings.

The customer’s decision can be confirmed and reinforced by you by providing a follow up service, making a reassuring gesture or an offer of goodwill and appreciation for your customer.

How can you do that using social media?

Connecting with your customers through social media demonstrates your availability and reachability.

Businesses who use social media to liaise with their customers, to provide valuable information and offer recommendations of complimentary services are adding value to their customers.

Using social media can demonstrate your integrity, your realness and create transparency for your customers to get to know, like and trust you. By getting to know you, your costumers feel a connection with you and your business and have the opportunity to contact you, see what other consumers are saying about you and get the feeling they know you in an exclusive relationship.

The simple act of offering to connect with new customers, if made genuinely, can be seen as an after sales service, giving your customers the chance to get in contact with you. Further connecting with your customers, through a personal message, to ask for feedback on your product or service, or to clarify how to best use the product, for example, can eliminate feelings of buyers remorse and make your customer feel they have made the right decision.

Small businesses, who have customers should consider having an after sales process, or strategy, to be extremely important, and social media is one simple and effective tool, which can be incorporated into this process to improve consumer loyalty.

If you have not investigated social media before today… then today should be the day to start.

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